What is brewery fitness?

If you A) enjoy craft beer, B) keep up with the Charlotte fitness community, and/or C) just live in Charlotte, chances are you’ve either taken or heard of a yoga class, run club, or workout held at a brewery. After all, with new breweries popping up left and right, we have to do something to burn some beer calories, right?

Whether you are a seasoned athlete, crossfitter, yogi, runner, cyclist, or anything in between, you are bound to find a plethora of gyms for you in Charlotte. While brewery workouts are not held in a traditional gym setting using standard equipment, they have many unique perks of their own perks!

Next, who needs fancy gym equipment and an indoor setting all the time? At brewery workouts, you get to do what you can with what you have in the fresh air (when the confusing Charlotte weather allows, of course) and maybe even lift some KEGS. As a fitness professional, I will always recommend a variety of workout types, including but not limited to: cardio, strength training, mobility, and exercising outdoors!

First and foremost, I think the community and camaraderie at brewery workout events are unmatched (I may be biased). Perhaps it’s because the people are great, and we all share common interests, or maybe it’s just the fact that there is beer waiting for you as your reward. Maybe it’s a little bit of both.

Last, the beer…of course. Here in the Queen City, we are blessed (our wallets may disagree) with almost too much great craft beer. I have officially given up on trying to check off every brewery on my list because the list keeps growing at a much faster rate than my free time allows for. It may not be the most nourishing, but I’m convinced that beer tastes best after a workout (for those 21 and up!). Shout out to our current partners: Town Brewing, Protagonist Beer, Devil’s Logic, and Petty Thieves for hydrating us after our workouts!

If you’re looking to get your workout on in a non-intimidating environment while socializing, having fun, and meeting new people, check out the events calendar on WorkForYourBeer.com to find a whole list of brewery events near you! From yoga to run clubs and dance classes, there is something for everyone. Not a yogi, runner, or dancer? Enter: Tone & Tap! Tone & Tap is for anyone looking for a total body sweat. From squats to sprints and push-ups, you will be sure to earn your post-workout beer.

While that may sound intimidating to some, all classes are designed to be modified or progressed for all fitness levels, so even if you are getting back into exercise or this is not your traditional workout, I promise you will make it through and leave feeling accomplished!

It’s a new year and time to try some new things and meet some more friendly faces! Browse our site to find our Google Calendar of events (under “Schedule”) or follow us on Instagram (@toneandtap). See you for a workout and a brew soon!